Spiritual Gifts Study Guide

Spiritual Gifts Study Guide

Is Jesus Christ your Lord? If so, you're on Team Jesus! Since we all have the same Lord, we are on the same team. This little concept has big implications. For any team to thrive, every person on the team needs to follow the team leader, discover their role or position on the team, accept that assignment, and do their best to grow in doing it as well as they possibly can. For your gift of any amount in the month of August, we'll send you this study guide to accompany Pastor Mark's sermon series "Spiritual Gifts: Finding Your Position on Team Jesus".

Your generosity helps us get free Bible teaching to so many like this story we recently received to the inbox:

"Your bold example has been encouraging to both [my husband and I]. What used to divide us, faith, is now our greatest commonality and our favorite things to do together! We love discussing the Bible and watching sermons together. We wanted to say thank you for being obedient to the Lord. Thank you for boldly speaking truth, even when it's not popular, because our lives have truly been changed! Whether we meet you on this side of heaven or not, our lives will forever be counted as ones that encountered Christ through you."

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