Your partnership is changing lives and legacies!

Thank you for your partnership in helping us get Bible teaching out!

Your support is changing fathers, sons, wives, and entire family legacies, just like Paul and his wife Sarah, who recently wrote into the ministry inbox.

"Paul was dechurched at 16. His parents had become increasingly strict and legalistic. He ran away at 16 and never went home. He became an actual punk with red mohawk and leather boots, etc., homeless for many of those years by choosing to sleep in the park and on the subway. He said he never stopped believing in Jesus but he became very jaded about religion. At 30, he [went] to help his dad in construction and to get clean. He started attending church again [...] He said he's starved himself for 14 years and made up for lost time by 'Bingeing' sermons. Paul and I have been married five years now and have four sons. [...] We watch your sermons together as a family often because Paul especially loves your call on men. He tells anyone who will sit still about the Lord and often sends them your sermons. To say he's passionate about your teaching is an understatement. And now I am too. You have had a huge influence on his life and now my life and our boys' life. He now owns his own [...] business and has been discipling his employees, often with the help of your sermons. I want to thank you personally for your obedience to serve the Lord with the gifts He's given you. I know he would too because he got tears in his eyes the first time he told me about how the Lord used you to influence him. And he's not a cryer! He's a tough dude with lots of tattoos and edge."

It's an honor to be a small part of changing lives and legacies and we're only able to do that with the support of our partners in helping get Bible teaching out. God bless you for your generosity and partnership!

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