How To Booklet Collection for Bible Study & Prayer (PKHT2)

How To Booklet Collection for Bible Study & Prayer (PKHT2)


In these 5 booklets, indispensable for every believer, you’ll learn how to study your Bible so it bursts aflame your heart, how to know for certain it’s the Word of God, experience His glorious power, pray so your prayers are answered, and learn what Dr. Rogers discovered about having a quiet time. This collection is a must-have.

Booklets Included:

  • How to Make Your Bible Come Alive (K138)
  • How to Have a Meaningful Quiet Time (K148)
  • How to Know the Bible Is the Word of God (K140)
  • How to Keep Your Spiritual Fire Burning (K142)
  • How to Put Power in Your Prayer (K150)

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