A Perfect 10 for Homes that Win CD Series (CDA142)

A Perfect 10 for Homes that Win CD Series (CDA142)


A fierce battle is raging in our nation for the soul of America. The battleground is the home. The issue is truth. No longer do we adhere to a value system governed by absolute truth. When a home or nation operates on the basis of morality by majority, the result is chaos. All around us, homes are crumbling and our nation is decaying from the inside out.

But how can we stop and restore peace to our homes and nation? By returning to God's Truth! He has given us 10 absolute, unchanging commandments by which to live. It is time to return to the God of the Ten Commandments and teach our children His laws. Study along with Adrian Rogers as he digs deep into each commandment and its relevance to the family. A Perfect 10 for Homes that Win reveals how we can restore our homes and bring revival to our nation by raising up a generation whose hearts delight in God's good and perfect law.

Messages included:
1850 - It Takes God To Make A Home
1852 - Learning Family Worship
1853 - The Name Above All Names
1856 - How To Make The Rest Day The Best Day
1854 - Has The Nuclear Family Bombed?
1858 - Families That Choose Life
1860 - The Key To A Magnificent Marriage
1862 - Integrity Don't Leave Home Without It
1863 - Truth Or Consequences
1864 - The Secret Of Satisfaction

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