Living Supernaturally Package (P167168D)

Living Supernaturally Package (P167168D)


Have you ever felt like you were going through the motions of life and wondered what it takes to be on fire for the Lord? Then, you need to discover the holy flame of boldness which ignited the First Century church. Join Adrian Rogers as he explores principles of supernatural living from the book of Acts. Truly, these lessons in this two-volume series will help you rise above the mediocrity of life and give you supernatural power to live above the superficial!

Messages included in Volume 1:
2269 - Making Jesus Known
2271 - The Principles of Power
2272 - The Amazing First Century Church
2273 - Holy Boldness
2275 - Five Ways You Can Encourage Others
2276 - Rise and Walk
2277 - The Expedience of Obedience

Messages included in Volume 2:
2278 - Every Christian an Evangelist
2282 - Living Supernaturally or Superficially
2284 - Counterfeit Christianity
2294 - Christ of Every Crisis
2298 - Learning to Share Your Faith
2299 - Christ of the Old Testament

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