Thank you for helping people find freedom in Christ!

Sadly, many people live with guilt, shame, anxiety, emptiness, and loss as their daily companions. We were designed for Eden, and this world isn't it.

Thankfully, the truth of Jesus Christ changes everything! He did not come for the express purpose of dying for our sins. He came to establish an eternal relationship with us, and dying for our sins was the only way that could happen. Through this new relationship, He promised joy, rest, peace, freedom, and abundant life for ALL those who put their faith in Him. Josh wrote to us about how Living In Grace has helped him experience Christ's LIFE:

Frank's ministry has been instrumental in helping me and my family to begin to experience Jesus's love in new and fresh ways. Frank's candor and authenticity were like magnets to us. We were drawn to the beauty of Christ in him, and his message of truth has brought freedom to our lives. Thank you, Frank. Thank you, Living In Grace.

Living in Grace exists to help people experience and express their birthright in Christ. Your support means we can provide the good news of the Gospel, through the internet, to anyone in the world! Thank you for partnering with us.


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