Listening to Spirit 88.9/100.1 can be LIFE-CHANGING.

2019 is already here and we are thankful for you. Our mission is to be the place where anyone can tune in, be welcomed and experience God's love. You may not know is just how much your support means to listeners and their families. A listener named Matthew told us what your giving has done for him and his wife: “I’ve been listening to Spirit 88.9 since I came back to God over ten years ago. It helped me get through my divorce about three years ago. Then, it helped give me the strength to put my family back together and remarry my wife almost one year ago. God is good!” Matthew’s experience may seem small to the average person. But you know we serve a big God, who is doing mighty things in real people’s lives. That’s why we like to share stories with you like Matthew’s, telling how God uses your generosity to this radio ministry. Supporting Spirit can be Life-Changing!


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