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For nonprofit ministries like ours, the end of the year is a critical time. 

It has been my profound privilege to teach God’s word for almost forty years. I felt called to continue teaching my Bible studies during the season of COVID, but needed to share my lessons on video. God used that experience to lead me to create an online Bible study that could be given to anyone who wanted to study and know God’s word.

Teaching to a camera wasn’t something I was familiar with, but the prospect of creating resources that could help people host a study in their homes or churches and potentially reach people around the world was both exciting and daunting. By God’s power and provision, just two years later, we are hearing from people around the globe whose lives are being transformed and strengthened through Bible study. Here are just a few examples of how Foundations’ Bible studies are impacting lives:

“Janet, thank you for your Bible Studies. You are such an inspiration and a wonderful teacher. I just completed the Book of Romans. You really make Paul's letter come to life and give us perspective as to how to apply his teachings in our personal life.” - Vivian 

"Thank you Servant of the Living God for teaching the undiluted Word of God. I am following the teachings closely." - George

One of my life verses comes from the book of Hosea. God told the prophet, “my people suffer from lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Those words are still true for God’s people today. Those outside the faith need the saving grace of the gospel message. Those who have been saved need to continue to grow in their knowledge and commitment to God. Our mission at Foundations is to provide biblical truth to as many people as possible. 

Offering Bible studies for free is one of our primary goals, but creating, producing and distributing these resources requires significant time and financial investment. Your generous year-end gift helps us develop multiple topical studies and an in-depth study every year. We also produce a weekly podcast and are currently developing an app that will release in early 2023. God truly is prospering his word, and it is a blessing to serve his Kingdom purpose! 

We hope you will consider giving a year-end gift to help reach the $10,936 year-end goal. This will enable Foundations to start 2023 strong and continue to provide biblical truth to as many people as possible. And, all gifts given today will be DOUBLED by a generous $5,000 matching grant!

Thank you for your tax-deductible contribution today. May God richly bless you in the coming new year.

Janet Denison

Founder, Foundations with Janet Denison

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      Your tax-deductible donation to Foundations with Janet Denison enables us to offer authentic Bible teaching and other biblical resources to people all over the world. God’s word transforms lives through the truth found in his Scripture. We are privileged to help people learn how to live a life God is able to bless.

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