Give the gift of freedom in Christ

Jesus came to the world as a little baby, but He is coming back as our conquering King!

You will make a powerful difference when you help take Pastor Allen Jackson's clear, biblical teaching to people who desperately need to hear God's truth - people like David who shares,

"I was an alcoholic. I listen to you every day driving home and watch your sermons in the Allen Jackson Ministries app. I had tried to quit drinking for a long time with no success. One day you did a sermon on repentance. The minute I truly repented in my heart, the Lord delivered me from drinking. Pastor Allen, you truly changed my life. I am now free from drink and becoming the man our Lord intended me to be."

You make transformations like David's possible when you give to support this ministry.

With a $250,000 Challenge Grant offered by a special friend of Allen Jackson Ministries, the opportunity to impact more lives for Christ is extremely exciting!

It means your gift will be worth TWICE AS MUCH to share God’s Word even further in your community and around the world.

We want to send you a thank-you gift - Pastor Allen's CD message set, Through the Cross, Series 4 and an olive-wood cross Christmas ornament.

If you make your gift $50 or more, we'll add in his book, "Through the Cross: Prayers for Your Every Day" as an extra gift.

Join us and help share the message of Jesus! Your transaction is secure!


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