Ethiopian Jews face an urgent humanitarian crisis and are desperate to come home to Israel. They have suffered relentless hardship with many of the women and children malnourished and in need of medical attention. Yet, despite having to wait in squalid conditions, they have patiently prayed for the chance to make Aliyah.

As we anticipate a new wave of Aliyah from Ethiopia, the ICEJ appeals to our Christian friends who faithfully support the return of the Jewish people to the Promised land, to take an active part during this crucial time to bring the remaining members of this Jewish community to Israel. Time is of the essence, but with your help we can move quickly to bring them relief and help them make Aliyah. 

Your swift response to the needs of Ethiopian Jews will provide:

  • Travel costs to Israel - Airline tickets, travel documents, and extra luggage to move their belongings to Israel
  • Basic needs upon arrival - Once they land in Israel, more assistance is needed to cover their basic needs until their government absorption benefits start and they can begin building a new life in the land.
  • Absorption costs - Introductory classes to the Israeli language, culture, and society
  • Medical expenses - Health checkups before departure and continued medical assistance upon arrival

The cost for one person is $1,300

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