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So many people yearn for peace, love, faith, and hope, yet can’t find it.  If you are one of them then we suggest Pastor Mark Finley's book, 'Satisfied: How God Can Meet Your Deepest Needs'. It dives deep into the human heart's true desires and guides you to the one source that can fulfill them all. 

What you will learn

Way down deep inside, what is it that you most long for? 'Satisfied' explores these questions, addressing the unmet needs that drive us to seek satisfaction in possessions, pleasure, achievements, or even addictions. In this brief but powerful book, Pastor Finley illuminates the one way to achieve lasting peace and fulfillment: through a relationship with God.

What You'll Gain from 'Satisfied':

  • Understanding Your True Needs: Learn to distinguish between material desires and spiritual needs, and discover how to fulfill them.
  • Finding Peace and Assurance: Uncover the path to inner peace, love, faith, and hope that only God can provide.
  • A Personal Connection with God: Deepen your relationship with the divine and understand who can truly satisfy your soul.

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By donating $25 or more to HopeLives365, you not only receive this enlightening book but also support a ministry dedicated to spreading God's word and love. Your generous contribution helps us continue our mission to reach hearts and change lives through the power of faith.

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Your gift of $25 will bring this transformative book into your hands. But consider a larger gift to help reach even more souls. Together, we can spread the message of hope and satisfaction that only God can provide.

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Are you trying to meet an inner need with something on the outside-with something material? Are you trying to meet a spiritual need with something physical? In this brief but concentrated little book, Pastor Mark Finley of 'It Is Written Television' points to the one and only way any of us can ever become truly satisfied.

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