Help the children of Hope get Back to School!

Help the children of Hope get Back to School!

Education is one of our top priorities here at Hope. It enables the boys and girls to fulfill their God-given potential and to grow into the young men and women He designed them to be. 

You can help equip the boys and girls for the new academic year with your best gift for the urgent Back to School campaign. 

For each of the boys and girls at Hope, there’s a $1,800 need for the academic year that lies ahead. This is to cover curriculum, uniforms, the music and arts program, and our wide-ranging sports opportunities.  

A special gift today of $1,800 – or a regular gift of $150 a month – will fully equip one child for the year ahead. But time is short before the fall semester begins, so please give your very best Back to School gift now.

Thank you for investing in the children’s futures in this tangible and transformative way! 

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