Everyone wants to be HAPPY

...and you CAN by having the habits of happy.

A man received a book entitled Happiness as a gift from his friend. Inside the front cover his friend wrote “Keep this book in your house and you will always have happiness in your home.”

If only it was that easy!

Entire countries have actually tried to make their countries happier by creating a ministry of happiness. In Ecuador it is called the Ministry of Buen Vivir which means the "good life”. In Argentina it is called the Ministry of the People's Supreme Social Happiness. Both were created in 2013, but according to the World Happiness Report, Ecuador is ranked no. 48 and Argentina no. 23. Setting up a national ministry to create happier lives is not sufficient or even necessary.

The good news is we can control our own happiness. We have the capacity to create the happiness we seek by incorporating specific habits into our daily lives.

In 5 Habits of Happy People, you will discover life-changing behaviors you can immediately put into practice. 

Request an electronic copy with your gift below and take an important step toward living a happy life. 


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