Rescue. Restore. Rebuild.

After evacuating 545 Afghans from their home country, our team is committed and working diligently to prepare resettlement plans for each family. 

To compound the needs of these families, no one boarded either of the evacuation flights with anything more than a handbag. All their belongings were left behind as they fled to safety. While they are all grateful to be alive, you can imagine the pressure and uncertainty everyone is now facing, including Ghada and Somayeh. . . .

Ghada and Somayeh are sisters who were hiding in their uncle’s house when the Taliban came sweeping through their building to record who lived there. Their uncle, who led Ghada and Somayeh to Christ, called a local church leader who brought burkas and claimed the women to authorities as his wives as they exited the building. Then, the women were taken to the temporary Help The Persecuted Safe House where they stayed until boarding our flights to Abu Dhabi. Grateful, yet scared, the future for Ghada and Somayeh is uncertain as they await resettlement from their refugee camp. These sisters have nothing as they start a resettlement journey to a country where they do not speak the language or know the culture. They are overwhelmed.

A Path Forward

We are grateful to United Arab Emirates for allowing these Afghan refugees temporary housing in Abu Dhabi as we work toward resettlement. 

Now, the country of Brazil has emerged as a potential new home for these persecuted Afghans. Through our connections and communications with local churches, we know that the faith community there is ready to step up and serve as the Body of Christ, welcoming in this group of refugees.

As we move closer to our resettlement deadline of mid-January, we are assisting these persecuted Afghans with:

  • Paperwork that must be completed for their resettlement
  • Arrangements for flights out of Abu Dhabi
  • Temporary housing and living expenses when they land in their new home country

Please pray with us for open doors into Brazil, and the provision of funds to move these 545 people on safely, with dignity — all within the allotted timeframe. 

Should the resettlement plans go as planned, it would open a door with Abu Dhabi to receive more evacuees, creating a more stable pathway for persecuted Christians and at-risk Afghans to escape their country. Help The Persecuted, along with other ministries, will prayerfully help fund more flights out and continue our efforts to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

Persecuted Afghans like Ghada and Somayeh need your ongoing prayers and financial support. Please prayerfully consider what you, your family, or your church may be able to do to help our persecuted brothers and sisters. Thank you!

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