Urgent Child Crisis in Iran!

Urgent Child Crisis in Iran!

Heart4Iran Ministries was launched with the vision of bringing hundreds of men, women, and children to Christ each day. As we discovered different pathways that led to impacting the hearts of men and women, the real challenge has been providing resources for children. However, God answered our prayers and within the last few years we teamed up with Superbook, Christian Broadcasting Network’s award-winning program! We are now working and praying to find other partnerships that have the tools needed to complement this initiative, educate parents and ignite Iranian families! You see, we must rebuild God’s church in Iran by first starting with the next generation. As you join us in proclaiming the Good News this new year, let us fulfill the need of empowering and equipping the hurting youth in Iran:

In November of 2021, Iranian officials reported that 4,600 children were living in poverty and collecting garbage on the streets of Tehran to sell. It has been estimated that 95% are foreigners and most of them are young Afghans. Many other children work at markets and clean cars and are continually being exploited for profit. Two years ago Iran Human Rights* released stats showcasing this heart-wrenching child crisis: intense child labor, physical abuse, high poverty level, trafficking, forced marriages, religious persecution, and other discriminations. These precious children are the most vulnerable– they are powerless and desperately seeking freedom, dignity, and love. The Iranian law banning child labor under age 15, which passed in June of 2020, has proven to be insufficient. The numbers of abuse are only increasing due to weak or non-existing regulations, and poor COVID-19 response in Iran. According to BBC News, more than 51,000 children have lost one or both parents due to the current pandemic, leaving thousands to fend for themselves– becoming homeless, a trafficking victim, or a refugee. 

This devastating situation has motivated the Heart4Iran team into raising awareness of the child crisis in Iran. We need to focus on the families and build a strong infrastructure for the fragile and persecuted church in Iran, as these children are the future leaders of Iranian Church. Our ministry is starting off 2022 raising funds for the future church of Iran– this includes launching a Virtual Sunday School, continuing to partner with Superbook to create shows in the Farsi language, and increasing our outreach to this younger community through our counseling center. By partnering with us today, you are helping proclaim Jesus to these children– and investing in the future of the nation! 

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