Trauma Counseling Needed for Hurting Iranians!

Trauma Counseling Needed for Hurting Iranians!

We're praying that Christ-seekers in Iran will be fueled by God’s Love each day! Will you join us in covering them with the peace and healing only the Lord can give? 

Our friend Marjan wanted to share with you how this Eternal Love changed her life– she was a Muslim and a fortune teller, often inviting spirits into her daily prayers and the work that she did. Throughout her years of this evil practice, she developed a chronic illness that caused severe headaches and seizures. She recently phoned into our Prayer and Counsel Center, exclaiming, "One night I was recovering from a painful migraine and turned the television on to distract me. Your Mohabat channel was on and the host was sharing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was filled with such joy about God's peace and healing and I was inspired. I continued to watch your shows as I rested and eventually messaged your team to get my own Bible. This was four years ago! Since then I have given my life to Jesus and am completely healed from my illness! I have stopped practicing fortune telling and started sharing the Gospel with my neighbors. Praise the Lord!" 

Our 24/7 Call Center is bringing healing to hurting believers through trauma counseling and prayer sessions– just like Marjan experienced. Your support today will continue our efforts in assisting our hurting brothers and sisters in the Middle East. They are craving Christ’s Love each day! Heart4Iran is rebuilding God’s church in Iran, and we can’t do it without you. Let us PROCLAIM the Good News– together!

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