Get Bibles to New Believers Inside Iran!

Get Bibles to New Believers Inside Iran!

Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ every month, but the Iranian government is doing everything it can to stop the growth of God’s Word by spreading false bibles.

If wedo nothing, the false bibles will create problems for the Church in Iran – deceiving believers and leading seekers astray.

You can counter this spiritual attack by helping increase the number of real Bibles that are available in the Farsi language. It costs only $7 to provide one person with their own Bible, that means…

  • For $49 you’ll provide 7 people with their own Bible.
  • For $105 you’ll provide 15 people with God’s Word.
  • For an exceptionally generous gift of $1,050, you’ll give 150 people a Bible, which might supply an entire underground church!

Think of the impact this could have on the spread of Christianity in Iran!

Please give now to help place a Bible in the hands of every new believer in Iran. Thank you for your generosity for the sake of the Gospel in Iran.

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