You can offer Muslims hope through God's living Word!

Your support is vital to help intensify evangelism efforts inside Iran.

It’s true: Iran has the fastest-growing Christian population in the world. Sadly, though, copies of God’s Word are extremely scarce in this Islamic republic. It’s illegal to believe in Jesus or own a Bible.

Those who do might be threatened by the government and their Muslim family members and neighbors... or suffer beatings, imprisonment, or even death.

Despite the risks, Muslims inside Iran are turning to Jesus, and here's why...

  • Hopelessness is rampant in Iran, with suicides at epidemic rates.

  • Drug addiction, per capita, is higher than anywhere else in the world.

  • Islam has proven itself to be a bankrupt religion to Iranians who are desperately searching for meaning and hope.

Because of this, unprecedented numbers of men, women, and children are now exploring Christ. And thousands are coming to know Him through His Word.

So thank you for your gift today that will provide these Muslims with their very own copy of God’s Word! We are truly grateful!


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