Help reach more Muslims in Iran with the Gospel of Jesus this summer!

God is at work in Iran, and He’s using you to help evangelize Muslims in astounding numbers.

It is estimated that more people have come to Christ in Iran during the past 20 years than during the previous 1,400 years combined. There are constant reports of people experiencing visions and dreams of Jesus, healing, miracles, freedom from addiction, and transformation.

We must make the most of this spiritual awakening while the door is open!

That’s why I’m asking for your help to intensify evangelistic outreach this summer, so that together we can lead even more Muslims in Iran to Jesus.

Through this special focus on evangelism, we’re believing that more than 1,000 Muslims will be engaged for Jesus in just 60 days. It will cost $250,000 to increase evangelistic activities through August. So I’m asking for your support both this month and next month to help lead more Iranians to Jesus this summer.

Please send your gift today to help intensify evangelism in Iran and lead more Muslims to Jesus this summer! And please pray for the hearts of Muslims to be open to receive salvation, and for the protection of believers as they share the Gospel.

Thank you for your generosity!


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