Bring Relief to Believers in Afghanistan!

Bring Relief to Believers in Afghanistan!

Let us give Afghan believers a new beginning for their new year! On March 20, 2022 our dear Afghan friends celebrated their first Norooz New Year under the Taliban– and they desperately need our support. A young woman in Afghanistan wrote in to Heart4Iran and urgently needs your prayers: 

"My name is Roya and I had to drop out of school to care for my sick mother and younger siblings. One day she put Mohabat TV on while she was resting and we loved hearing about the different stories in the Bible. We continued to watch different programs each day, and eventually my father and siblings joined us. It was a miracle that my family joined together to feed ourselves spiritually and give our hearts to Jesus; we even got our own Bible! It was shortly after this that my dear mother passed away and we were left with such grief and pain, and then the Taliban invaded. We tried to find a place to hide our Bible but everything happened so fast– they attacked our home, arresting my father and seized our Bible. We haven't heard from my father since then and I am not allowed to leave my home without the presence of a male relative right now. Our other family members are devout Muslims and do not know we are Christians and they will expose us to the Taliban if we are found out. I am asking for prayers for my family, for my father to come home and for our safety." 

Amidst this suffering of Afghan believers– just like Roya, our satellite broadcast reaches into Afghanistan so we are able to share the hope of the Gospel and the Taliban can’t block it. In response to this tremendous need, Heart4Iran has launched 5 key initiatives to help. When you give today you are helping to:

  • Air Virtual Church services for those who are unable to physically attend a church
  • Produce new programs geared specifically towards Afghans
  • Increase the number of operators that staff our 24/7 prayer line to help with the surge in demand
  • Provide trauma counseling with our trained staff
  • Send physical Bibles to Afghan refugees in Iran

We thank you for your generosity as you bring Christ's hope to Afghanistan!

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