Believers In Afghanistan Need Your Help!

Believers In Afghanistan Need Your Help!

Afghan Christians are being critically threatened during this time and are in desperate need of your prayers and support! Due to the generosity of one of our ministry partners, we have received a $5,000 Bible Matching Grant. 

Karim from Afghanistan emailed our team yesterday begging for prayer during this horrific time. His family is stuck in hiding and they are desperate to flee to safety and find peace. He is just one of the hundreds of chats we have received this week from Christ-seekers in this nation, seeking peace from their fears and overall freedom in their homeland. 

We have been given the news that the Taliban is going door-to-door seeking out Christians– just like Karim and his beloved family. As they succumb to potential martyrdom for their faith, these Christ-seekers have found strength and hope in Christ. God has not forsaken this country and is using Heart4Iran to strengthen His church! ACT NOW and help bring them the Gospel during this crucial time, for they are leaning on God's Word for perseverance and healing. Continue to pray for this hurting nation, believers and non-believers, covering them in the peace only Christ can bring. WATCH HERE AND JOIN US IN PRAYER. On behalf of our Afghan brothers and sisters, we thank you for your generosity!

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