Bring Hope, Help, and Healing through Jesus Christ!

Bring Hope, Help, and Healing through Jesus Christ!

Your generous donation today will help share the hope and healing of Jesus Christ on TV, radio, and online – changing hearts and empowering lives like Tracy’s* with the Gospel.

She shares…

“The impact of Bishop Jackson's teaching has tremendously changed my life. When the Word is taught, I am able to pray, to read, to study, and to apply it to my life. And as a result, I have seen tremendous growth. I've seen changes and transformation. I'm so appreciative and thankful that God led me here!”

Thank you for your gift below to make more stories of transformation like Tracy’s possible as you keep God’s life-changing Word coming to you and countless others. We pray you’re blessed as you deeply bless others!

*Actual testimony from a Harry Jackson Ministries listener.

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