Find the freedom of self-forgetfulness

Find the freedom of self-forgetfulness

Our world measures success by material wealth and status. But Jesus gave his life away — forgetting his own status and position and taught us how we can live with freedom through self-forgetfulness.

Timothy Keller’s booklet, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness, explores how, with God’s help, we can break free from being focused on ourselves – and we’d love to send you TWO copies as our thank-you for your gift today to help share the Gospel.

One for you, and one you can give to a friend!

In an age where everyone is more focused on self, and building your résumé consumes so much of our time and energy, this short but powerful book helps us see Jesus’ humble example of a life of freedom and peace.

You will receive your two copies of The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness when you give below. And thank you for sharing the amazing love of Jesus through your support.

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