Discover the one thing that truly satisfies the heart, with ‘Counterfeit Gods’

Discover the one thing that truly satisfies the heart, with ‘Counterfeit Gods’

Career, family, success, acceptance: there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these things. But we can so easily turn them into idols, when the reality is that none of them can truly satisfy us.

In Counterfeit Gods, Tim Keller shows us how only the Bible can reveal the unvarnished truth about our own hearts – and free us from our idols’ destructive influence.

We’d love to send you a copy of Counterfeit Gods as our thank-you for your gift to help others to know more of Jesus – and how to place him in his rightful place, at the center of the heart.

Request your copy of Counterfeit Gods when you give below. And thank you for sharing the Gospel – because the Gospel changes everything.

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***If you'd like to give but would like to receive the December gift, Hidden Christmas, you can give via this page.


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