Sponsor Hellen Today

Sponsor Hellen Today

Hellen used to live with both biological parents but the are now separated. Her father was unable to care for her and decided to take her to live with her grandmothers. The fact that she lives with elderly persons, payment of her school fees is always challenging. Ever since the separation of the parents, the mother has never returned to visit her. Her father visits once in a while but still struggles to make ends meet to provide school fees.

Hellen is a healthy and happy child who wants to grow up and have lots of money to help the elderly in the community. She has a strong attachment to these elderly people who are her grandparents. 

Sponsorship of Hellen would enable her have quality education to help her attain her goals of supporting the elderly in the future.

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      Thanks for protecting, empowering, & loving Hellen! 

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