Sponsor Chrysestom Today

Sponsor Chrysestom Today

Chrysestom is a 7-year-old male living with his paternal grandmother in Ntove Village -Nkokonjeru. The child was abandoned to the father by his biological mother at a young age. The father of the child was unable to care for Chrysestom and took him to his grandmother. The grandmother has been living with Chrysestom ever since he was 3 years. The grandmother is having challenges with providing school fees and scholastic materials to the child which has been affecting the child at school. Once in a while the child goes to Oasis Junior School, but is often sent back home due to failure by the grandmother to pay school fees and this has affected his performance at a school. 

Sponsorship would enable him education and break the cycle of poverty in their home.


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      Thanks for protecting, empowering, & loving Chrysestom! 

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