Sponsor Vanessa Today

Sponsor Vanessa Today

Vanesa is a 13-year-old living with her sickly maternal grandmother in Ntove Village-Nkokonjeru. The grandmother looks after three other grandchildren who are not of a school going age. The biological parents of Vanesa separated and are remarried. They hardly support the maternal grandmother to care for the children under her care. Previously, Vanessa was studying at St. Jude primary school, however during covid 19 Lockdown, she dropped out of school as the grandmother was not able to pay Vanessa’s school fees. While Vanessa’s agemates around the neighborhood go to school Vanessa stays at home to help her grandmother in the garden. Vanessa says that it is very painful to see others go to school while she stays home. She wishes she would be able to go to school and become a doctor to be able to take care of the elderly like her grandmother. Vanessa has been registered under the sponsorship program to enable her return to school and fulfill her desire to become a doctor.

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