Continue the resources and impact of First15

In just 15 minutes, before we’ve been swept up in the stress of life, we can reconnect with God and find a peace that surpasses our circumstances. 

Something as simple as 15 minutes of worship, reading, and prayer truly does have the power to change the trajectory of our day. And it’s happening every day in lives of millions of believers like Bruce:

“It has been a very challenging year for myself like millions of others — large pay cut at work, divorce, had to sell my home, and a mountain of debt. Through it all, your First15 podcast has carried through many mornings and now evenings. I spend quality time in early mornings with the devotional and often am blessed by your community of believers and their struggles and prayers. Thank you for all you do!” — Bruce D. 

We’ve launched a summer initiative, partnering together to rapidly guide more believers to the presence of God through First15. And I need your help. We have a financial goal of raising $195,047 by July 31st in order to continue connecting people with God daily through First15. If you’ve found First15 to be helpful in your pursuit of peace and purpose in God, please invest in getting First15 into the hands of more believers around the world.

Your gift will help provide technology to keep our platforms current, create fresh First15 worship to guide God’s people to his presence, and cover production costs of ongoing content like the daily podcast.

Your gift today will help more people like Bruce connect with God. Just last month the:

  • First15 app was used 172,819 times,

  • First15 podcasts were downloaded 572,513 times,

  • First15 email devotionals were read 757,217 times,

  • 459,599 devotionals, blogs and articles were read on our website,

  • 436 devotional books were read, and

  • 23,344 First15 Worship songs were streamed, and so much more!

Give today, and help us reach the $195,047 goal! 

Thank you for your support and generosity to help more people like Bruce lean on the resources of First15 to make sense of their dark days. 

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        Your tax-deductible donation to First15 enables us to create resources that help millions of people connect with God at no charge. Everyday believers around the world are engaging with God and building the foundation of their Graces through our writing, app, podcasts and music. Thank you for your support!

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