You can help more people experience God in 2021!

During 2020, over 500,000 people joined the First15 community looking for meaningful experiences with God first thing in the morning!

With all this growth, however, comes a responsibility not only to sustain the mission—but to propel it forward. 

To provide more free resources… to reach a wider audience… and to create new and innovative ways for the First15 community to experience God in a deeper and even more profound way.

A big part of this growth depends on a strong core of supporters who give every month. Which is why we’ve set a goal of seeing 221 new monthly donors come on board this first month of 2021. 

And it’s why we want to invite you to give your first monthly gift today.

Every $1 you give reaches 1 new First15 reader. This means…

  • Your $25 monthly gift will impact 300 lives in 2021.
  • Your $50 monthly gift will impact 600 lives in 2021.
  • Your $75 monthly gift will impact 900 lives in 2021.
  • Your $100 monthly gift will impact 1,200 lives in 2021.

No matter what God leads you to give, your monthly gift will impact lives. So we hope you sign on today!

When you do, you won’t just become part of a like-minded team of believers passionate about helping others experience God and seeing his kingdom come on earth. 

You’ll also get a few nice membership perks including...

  • Surprise gifts like free First15 books, resources, and more 
  • Exclusive 15% off promo codes
  • Priority communication about special First15 events and offers
  • A special number you can use to text your prayer requests to our team

Thank you for giving as God leads—and for praying for an amazing outpouring of support this month so more people can experience God in 2021!

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      “Having used many different devotionals through the years, I have found First15 to be the best way to start each day. The format of worship, scripture and teaching really draws me closer to God.” —Vincent     

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