Double your impact before year-end!

Every gift by December 31 is matched up to $65,000.

As the year draws to a close, we’re excited about what the future holds — especially knowing that we can spread the goodness and presence of God more than ever in 2024!

Just last month, we reached out with a special opportunity that touched many hearts. Today, we come to you with thrilling news — and an urgent request.

A generous Matching Grant opportunity

We’ve been offered a $65,000 Matching Grant — a blessing that can help achieve our pivotal year-end goal of $378,160. If you’ve considered giving but have yet to do so… or if you’re led to give once again… this is the perfect moment. 

Every donation made by December 31 will be DOUBLED, amplifying your impact!

Beyond the numbers

This isn’t just about meeting a financial target. It’s about people like Wendy May-Dreyer and the 1.9 million others whose lives have been transformed through the work of First15. Yet, there are countless more people who need First15 — they just don’t know it yet!

Hear Wendy’s powerful story:

Your gift will be a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change, and a direct contributor to reaching our $378,160 goal. But we can only meet this challenge with your help.

How can you help?

Through your donation, you’ll accomplish the following in 2024…

  • Distribute daily First15 devotionals.
  • Create powerful in-depth prayer videos.
  • Produce an inspiring worship album.
  • Launch more engaging kids’ devotionals.

These initiatives are close to our hearts, and with your support, they can touch the hearts of others, too. 

The goal is in sight, but the deadline is approaching fast. So please give today!

Your gift could be the one that turns the tide, ensuring that we can reach our $378,160 target by December 31 and double our capacity to impact lives.

Your gift matters

When you give, you won’t just make a donation. You’ll awaken more people to God’s presence every day. And through the $65,000 match, your action today will have twice the power to change lives!

Thank you for considering this urgent request. We are immensely grateful for your response in this significant moment.

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