Your gift by December 31 helps more people connect with God

We want to ask for your special help to reach the $572,431 year-end goal that will allow us to provide these FREE daily resources in 2023.     


There are so many things in life that can pull us away from God. Distractions like anxiety and fear, the tug of the world on our hearts, raising kids, running a business. The list seems endless, right?

People need that “path back to Christ.” And we can give it to them through the resources of First15 in 2023. 

We are so encouraged by stories like Grace’s:

“My step-daughter suffers from crippling anxiety… but she’s been listening to First15 daily,

and your devotionals are slowly bringing her back to a place of faith.”

We want to ask for your special help to reach the $572,431 year-end goal that will allow us to provide these FREE daily resources in 2023.

When you give now…

  • You’ll help produce new devotionals, guided prayers, and printed books in 2023 to help believers connect with God more deeply.
  • You’ll help produce a children’s version of First15 to help the next generation connect with God.
  • You’ll help produce new releases of First15 music for more powerful moments of worship.
  • You’ll help the First15 daily devotional reach more people through our app, emails, website and podcasts.

Bottom line? Your generosity today will bless thousands more lives tomorrow.

So thank you for giving below.

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      This is why we do what we do: so more people each day can know who God is and come out of their darkest days with a sense of hope and purpose. Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved in this mission and be a part of what God is doing through First15. So thank you for your prayers this year. And, if your heart is stirred to see believers connected to God in 2023, give by December 31st to help meet our goal. 

      Your tax-deductible donation to First15 enables us to create resources that help millions of people connect with God at no charge. Everyday believers around the world are engaging with God and building the foundation of their faith through our writing, app, podcasts and music. Thank you for your support!

      *Once you donate we will start to send you the Daily Devotional and other emails to help you spend time with God.

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