Experience God’s peace even in the busyness of the holidays!

Experience God’s peace even in the busyness of the holidays!

In what should be a time of “peace, good will towards men,” many simply feel no peace at all. Society today loves busyness. We love to fill our plates to the brim and find purpose in what we’re doing rather than why we’re doing it — especially during the holidays.

Yet even in the constant rush, you can hear God in the stillness, beckoning you to let him into all you’re doing and feeling that you might live abundantly with him. 

We want to help you experience God’s peace by sending you our newest printed devotional, Emmanuel, as thanks for your gift below.

With each Scriptural meditation during this holiday season, you can...

  • Listen to Jesus’ prayer for you,
  • Awaken your heart to God’s love,
  • Open your heart to the living God, and
  • Feel the deep desire of God for intimacy with you.

This Christmas, find the peace God has waiting for you. Get your copy of Emmanuel below — and experience God in greater ways in the midst of the holidays!

If you'd like to order multiple copies of  Emmanuel, please make a donation of $25 for each book and note how many copies you'd like to order in the comments box.

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