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A growing relationship with God comes when you experience Him daily. 

Christians know the importance of a daily quiet time consisting of Bible reading and prayer, yet many struggle with finding a devotional resource that is both easy to understand and relatable to daily life. 

First15 exists to help you connect with God everyday.

When supporters like you give, more people discover God in fresh ways through First15 content.

“In this season where focus seems more difficult with all the distractions and challenges, having a devotional with lots of Scripture, meaningful prompts, and guided prayer with music has helped me engage with the Holy Spirit and access His love and assurance. Thank you!” — First15 reader

Your support will help create more free content that helps more people connect with God each day, including… 

    • new devotionals
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    • printed books 
    • new worship songs
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    • podcast releases 
    • and more!

    Every dollar given can help one more person in their daily time with God, imagine how many people can grow in their relationship with God through your generous gift.

    Your gift really is that important to help bring more people into a daily walk with God. Thank you for helping others connect with God. 

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