You can grow closer to God!

You can grow closer to God!

We often have a moment we can point to where we fell in love with God, but the reality is, as Christians we never have to stop growing closer to God. Each day presents new opportunities to discover new things about our infinite God.

We live in a world that so often pulls our time, attention, and affection away from connection with God, and it is often hard to make time and space to grow closer to God. 

That is why I wrote this brand-new devotional book, Closer, to help you focus on the only relationship that really matters - your relationship with God. 

This 4-week devotional book will help you grow closer, and stay close to God each day by diving into these topics: 

  • How to stir your affections for God when your relationship feels stale
  • How to build an unshakable understanding of God’s character
  • How to receive the good gifts God is offering you every day
  • How to build a fun connection with God as a good Father

So, request your copy today when you donate to First15 and start growing closer to God today!


If you'd like to order multiple copies of Closer, please make a donation of $25 for each book and note how many copies you'd like to order in the comments box.


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Beginning next month, the same amount will be processed on the date selected.

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