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The past two years have left people more tired, anxious, and disconnected than ever before. People are in need of resources that can help anchor them in the hope and security of a deep and consistent relationship with God. 

First15 is perfectly positioned to help.  

The First15 app first launched in 2017 and immediately began to impact people around the world. Yet over time, the app has fallen behind as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. While the content at the heart of the app remains vibrant, the platform needs to be refreshed to meet today’s standards, so that not only can people easily connect with God wherever they are, but that the experience is enjoyable and truly transformational. 

Where we’re headed: The new First15 App

  • An updated devotional experience for your daily time with God
  • Worship for the weekday and guided prayers to help you go even deeper
  • Never lose an impactful moment! Save and revisit your favorite moments each day.
  • With you wherever you are! Connect with the devotional whether in the app or on the web

Thank you for any gift God might prompt you to give today towards the $236,000 goal to fund the new First15 app.


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