You Can Offer Physical & Spiritual Aid!

In the aftermath of the most destructive wildfire in a century, the island of Maui is in dire need of your help. This tragic event's impact is immense, leaving both homes and hearts wounded.

You have the opportunity to put your faith through action in response to this diaster. Your generous contributions will immediately reach reliable partners, who are swiftly acting on ground zero to ease the burdens of those most affected.

We have devoted partners standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the victims, offering both essential provisions and spiritual support. Through the Holy Spirit's power, they bring not only aid but also the comforting hope of Jesus Christ to these disrupted communities.

Please pray fervently for families rendered speechless by the untimely loss of their loved ones.

Your donations will extend hands of support by providing:

  • Warm meals and grocery supplies
  • Water filtration systems and safe shelter
  • Essential clothing, toiletries, and medical care
  • Generators, fuel, grills, and propane for those who have lost their homes
  • Aid for local churches to preach the Gospel and support their communities
  • Spiritual resources and pastoral care to those in need
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      Your gift will be immediately deployed to churches and trusted partners on the ground in Maui. Your giving is tangible evidence of the love that followers of Jesus have for them. 

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