Support Earthquake Relief in Turkey and Syria

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Monday has killed tens of thousands and upturned the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Your financial support will be rushed to trusted organizations working in and on the ground in the regions most affected.

We have trusted partners already responding—providing aid to the most vulnerable children and families. They are helping people get access to...

  • Temporary shelters
  • Heaters
  • Clean water
  • Critically needed healthcare
  • A special focus on providing care for children whose families aren’t able to in the midst of this crisis

Please ask the Lord to be with families shocked by the loss of loved ones and to bring comfort to those hurting amid unrest and uncertainty.

Faith Gives is partnering with the leading Christian emergency relief groups to distribute funds to local centers so they can provide hope and help to victims. Thank you for supporting the helpless during this trying time. 

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      Your gift will be immediately deployed to local centers on the front lines of the disaster in Turkey and the surrounding region. Your giving is tangible evidence of the love that Christians in this country have for them.

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