You can Provide a Military BibleStick for a Service Member or Veteran Today!

You can Provide a Military BibleStick for a Service Member or Veteran Today!

Your gift of $25 provides a Military BibleStick for a service member.

The Military BibleStick is a small, military-approved digital player that contains the New Testament and specially selected Psalms specifically about “warriors.” On a device about the size of a pack of chewing gum, running on a single AAA battery, is God’s Word—portable, life-changing, and ready to go!

Intended to uplift our brave soldiers in times of stress, danger, recovery, or when missing family, God’s Word encourages the faint of heart. 

These devices have helped thousands become baptized as Christ-followers. At the Fort Leonard Wood base in Missouri, U.S. Army chaplain José confirms that there is a spiritual revival taking place!

One Navy Pilot told us, "This has been the most useful thing I’ve ever had. Every day I listen — and it has brought me closer to God!” 

As a result, the demand for Military BibleSticks has increased on military bases all throughout the world! Service members and veterans are hungering for God’s Word ... You can help supply them with the Scriptures!

There is a need to provide 35,000 more Military BibleSticks for our veterans and troops, can you help us provide these life changing devices? 

Make your best gift now and give the gift of hope.

Thank you!


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I do read my Bible. But when I listen to the Military BibleStick, it’s like I am there, actually hearing the words of Jesus. Thank you so very much! - Solider

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