What we do through Engage Your Destiny wouldn’t be possible without generous friends like you.

In 2020,  we helped divert 306 veterans from suicide and got them plugged in with healing and discipleship programs. We went online to support our military chaplains as they faced the challenges COVID presented to our troops. Our online chapel had over 19,000 views weekly and was watched by troops at home and deployed abroad.

In 2021, we hosted The Heroes Honor Festival, the largest welcome home for our Vietnam Veterans in American history. We saw over 20,000 veterans honored, over 1,200 veterans connected to Christ-centered resources to help with mental, emotional, physical or spiritual needs, and hundreds of testimonies of veterans coming to know Christ. This was all made possible through generous givers committed to making Kingdom impact. 

We are expectant as to what God will do through us in 2023. We will be bringing the healing power of HONOR and HOPE to our active-duty military and veterans as they need it now more than ever, in this dark hour. Depression, divorce and substance abuse are at an all-time high, and a recent study found that 44 veterans end their life every day! While this number is sobering, it is not unchangeable.

Recently, there have been studies that have proven what we've known to be true for a long time... that those with an active FAITH life are 7 TIMES LESS LIKELY to commit suicide, have lower rates of depression and healthier family lives. We know the secret to healing, and we're on a mission to bring that to those who need it most. 

All it takes is for one gift to make an impact. To change a life. To honor a Hero and open the door for healing. To prevent a veteran from ending their story too soon. 

We all have something to give, no matter the size. Every act of generosity helps to combat veteran suicide with the most effective resources - Biblical Honor, the Hope of Jesus and the best Christ-centered resources available.

With your help, we’ll continue to see our veteran lives honored and healed. Will you join us in this critical mission?


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