Whales & Dolphins need our help... and we need yours.

Our mission at DPMMR is to protect marine mammals. Our hope is that one day, because of you, we won’t have to.

We accomplish this mission by providing excellent animal care, connecting thousands of environmental stewards through education programs, gaining understanding of marine mammals through scientific investigation, and responding to and rescuing whales & dolphins throughout the Florida Keys. These initiatives culminate in the much-needed conservation of marine mammals, both in our care and in the wild. 

When you support DPMMR with a financial gift, you enable us to continue:

  • Responding to marine mammals in distress with expert care
  • Providing premium care and a forever home for our dolphin ambassadors
  • Conducting research which results in greater protection for wild marine mammals
  • Facilitating meaningful connections between our dolphins and guests
  • Equipping thousands of new environmental stewards around the world with the knowledge they need to conserve our oceans

At Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder, our motto is “Connect to Protect”. Connecting more people means protecting more marine mammals, and with you on board we will do just that!

Yes! I’m ready to safeguard the future of marine mammals with my gift to Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder.

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      Your tax-deductible donation will ensure the protection and wellbeing of marine mammals for years to come.

      Thanks for helping us, help them.

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