Our dolphins have a better quality of life because of people like you!

Our dolphins have a better quality of life because of people like you!

Caring for our group of resident dolphins takes a village, and continually improving our standard of care is something we feel strongly about. 

In order to advance the animals' welfare, we are in need of new supplies and equipment. New dolphin toys, training equipment, and research supplies are some of the things you might find on our wishlist that are needed and would immediately be utilized to improve the welfare and care of Jett, Tug, Baby-bit, Dinghy, Jessica, Alfonz, and Bob. 

While the majority of our wishlist can be ordered from Amazon, some of the urgent needs simply can't be ordered and shipped to the facility overnight. Instead, these larger and more unique items must be purchased directly by DPMMR and include things like a new freezer for quality fish storage (our current freezer frequently breaks and requires expensive and lengthy repairs), anti-microbial floor treatment for the fish kitchen (to enhance and advance sanitary conditions of food preparation), and a custom shade structure (to provide shade to the entire pod)... just to name a few. 

Your gift to Jett & Tug for their birthday is paramount to improving our standard of care for the entire dolphin population, and simply put, we won't be able to make these improvements immediately without your gift. Although we're proud of the standard of care our dolphins already receive, we know there will always be room to improve the care we provide. 

Will you consider sending Jett & Tug a birthday gift for their 5th Birthday to help us improve the welfare of the animals in our care? 

Yes! I want to help Tug, Jett, and the rest of the pod with my gift.
Happy Birthday, Jett & Tug!

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    Your gift will help us purchase new equipment and complete repairs that will immediately advance the quality of care we can provide to the dolphins in our permanent care. Thank you for facilitating this positive change. 

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