You're making a difference by donating to the Second Chance Fund.

You're making a difference by donating to the Second Chance Fund.

The needs of the youth Diakon serves do not end when they graduate from a Diakon program. In fact, this transition often becomes one of great struggles and obstacles to overcome.

Given their new awareness of how to become successful, contributing members of the community and an eagerness to put newly developed skills into practice, they nevertheless face the same challenges and, often, the negative influences that lead them astray in the first place.

The Second Chance Fund represents a way to keep these young people on the path to success. Although our youth now have an intense desire for success, they often lack the financial means to reach their goal. For that reason, we developed the Second Chance Fund—which allows donors to “partner” with young people through this fund to help them overcome obstacles that would otherwise delay their positive growth.

Needs often beyond the reach of successful graduates fall within two categories: Meeting court-related financial obligations such as court costs, restitution and related fees ... and ... becoming contributing community leaders, a focus that relates to successful employment and related independent and family living skills and needs.

Families who are struggling in Diakon’s Family Preservation and Reunification are also recipients of Second Chance funds. This program helps to safeguard a returning child or youth upon re-entry to the family and prevent recidivism. Family Reunification provides resources to families when a child is reunited with their biological parent or parents after having followed specific guidelines. Sometimes, families need to overcome financial obstacles to stay together. They need a second chance.

By providing support to families through the Second Chance Fund, we are able to fulfill our mission of keeping families together and children out of the foster care system. Diakon measures this program through the number of families impacted, not individuals. We also recognize that the impact extends beyond the immediate family to the extended family members and community. Currently, this program serves 80% Caucasian, 10% African American, and 10% Hispanic.

Funding has provided support in the following ways:

  • Purchasing beds for children once they are reunified. 
  • Purchasing chairs and tables to allow for “family time” around mealtimes.
  • Paying for summer camps to allow parents to maintain their jobs during the summer.
  • Making car payments when parents lose their job or are sick and out of work to avoid repossession. A car is crucial in Bucks County as public transportation in many parts of the county is non-existent.
  • Paying outstanding utility bills to ensure that the families have heat in the winter, electricity and running water.  
  • Contributing towards car repairs. In one such example, we helped a single father diagnosed with stage 3 cancer fix his car, which allowed him to go to all his medical appointments and care for his two teenage daughters, one of whom was diagnosed with autism.
  • Paying for daycare. In one such example, we provided funds to a mother for daycare so that she could start her new job and help her budget her finances to then pay for the daycare herself and apply for a subsidy.
  • Supporting education. In one such example, we paid for a mother to earn a certification in cosmetology, which then allowed her to be gainfully employed and stand on her two feet.
  • Helping with security deposit when a family finally finds a place to live but does not have enough to make that initial payment. Many times homelessness is the only reason kids are not reunified with their parents.

These are only some examples of how the Second Chance Fund has made a difference in the lives of children and families

Diakon is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, all gifts you make to Diakon designated for The Second Chance Fund are tax deductible. Thank you for your generous gift!


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