Be a Conduit of Blessing

At DFEA, our mission is simple: make disciples who make more disciples until Jesus comes again. We believe that God’s hand of favor and blessing is upon those who are using what God has given them to bless others.

That’s why we’re thankful for people like you! Your faithful generosity is the conduit through which others are experiencing the love and grace of Jesus Christ. And your gift makes it possible for others to take a step toward salvation.

Your donation fosters the growth of resources such as new books, podcasts, and devotionals that help develop current disciples into disciple-makers. But these things can only happen with your support!

Partner with us in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, in training up His disciples, and in being conduits of His blessing. Together, let’s continue the tradition of the Great Commission until Jesus comes again.

Thank you for your gift below and God bless!


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