7 reasons to support Denison Forum by December 31

For nonprofit ministries like ours, the end of the year is a critical time. 

It’s an opportunity for believers like you to show your support for the causes you care about.

We are seeking to raise $3,327,715 by a December 31 deadline.

Whether you’ve just recently learned about us or have been supporting us since our start in 2009, please prayerfully consider these 7 reasons to donate to Denison Forum today.

1. Denison Forum is a unique digital ministry focused on today’s news and toughest cultural topics.

Few other places online (if any) tackle today’s timeliest topics from a biblical perspective. With every Daily Article by Jim Denison and every resource created by our team, you’re sure to walk away with more knowledge about the world around you and more insight into what the Bible says about that world.

2. Denison Forum is nonpartisan.

While partisanship may drive pageviews, we believe that our readers appreciate a nonpartisan perspective. As Dr. Tony Evans has written, “The ultimate solutions to our culture’s problems won’t land on Air Force One.” We agree.

3. Denison Forum has ambitious plans for 2023.

Our team doesn’t lack for ideas. 

In fact, in 2022 we started The Denison Forum Podcast, Jim Denison released his most pivotal book to date (The Coming Tsunami), and we launched WhatAreMySpiritualGifts.com, along with its namesake book.

Our 2023 plans include:

  • Increasing the number of articles at DenisonForum.org
  • Expanding our offerings for church leaders through A Pastor’s View
  • Growing our readership so more people can engage with God’s truth in culture

And a few more ideas we’re still exploring to help Christians grow deeper in their faith.

4. Denison Forum is fully donor-supported.

That means our ministry exists because of your generosity and God’s grace.

Because, when you’re seeking to raise $3,327,715 by the end of the year, matching grants from generous donors help everyone give twice as much.

5. Denison Forum seeks culture change.

Our team often talks about “culture-changing Christians,” the men and women who use their spheres of influence to change the world around them for God. And much of what we produce, from our multiple podcasts to our books and online articles, is aimed at believers who want to make a difference.

6. Denison Forum is consistent.

We will not sway from the truth of the Bible no matter how it might contrast with the “truth” of our world. Neither will we miss a weekday with The Daily Article. When you choose to support Denison Forum, you are supporting a consistent Christian voice with an insightful and broad reach into our culture.

7. Denison Forum impacts lives.

Every day, we receive feedback from our readers, listeners, and viewers about the impact one of our resources has made on their lives, like this from Susan C. after reading a Daily Article:

“Thank you for giving sound BIBLICAL advice & backing every thought with scripture. Today you have fulfilled what I cherish about Denison Ministries. Give me scripture & how to live by scripture…. Uplifting advice with a purpose & with value in my life…. Because it is scripture! Thank you!”

We’re grateful for her words and more grateful that God is blessing the work we do at Denison Forum to speak to their hearts and minds.

The bottom line

If you’ve read this far, thank you.

The bottom line is that we’re seeking to raise $3,327,715 as our end-of-year goal.

If you’re unfamiliar with the nonprofit world, please know that the end of the year is a vital time for us.

Because of thoughtful Christians like you, our ministry can continue speaking the truth in love to a culture in desperate need of both.

If you stand with the mission and vision of Denison Forum, please give today.

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