The gravest threat Christians in America have ever faced

The gravest threat Christians in America have ever faced

A recent Pew Research study reported that evangelical Christians are the most disliked religious expression in America.

In fact, many today believe that Christianity is intolerant, irrelevant, oppressive, and dangerous.

How did that happen?

How did our faith, founded on a gospel of unconditional love, come to be so publicly maligned?

Even more pressing: How can we turn the tide so that the world will know us by our love?

I answer these questions and more in The Coming Tsunami, an urgent book for our times, and I encourage you to request your copy today.

As I write in the book:

This book is intended to equip Christians to understand where we are, how we got here, and how we can respond redemptively. We'll identify the four specific threats we face, explore their consequences for evangelicals and our larger culture, and chart strategic and redemptive ways we can respond before it is too late. 

In other words, four major earthquakes occurred in the last century that have shifted the ground beneath our feet. Whether you’re aware of their occurrence or where they originated makes no difference. The coming cultural tsunami will greatly affect you as a Christian in the coming years—if it hasn’t already. It will undoubtedly influence and affect your children and grandchildren. 

But, as Christians, we are never without hope.”

Our culture is doubling down on the claims that truth is tolerance and Christians are therefore intolerant, untrue, and dangerous to society. 

We need the biblical prescriptions I explain in the book because they are the only way we can engage our culture with redemptive truth and transforming hope.

By understanding these seismic shifts in culture, you will know how to respond to others in personal and public ways that advance God's kingdom and draw them to our Lord.

To better grasp how rapid changes in culture have resulted in Christianity’s fall in the public eye, request The Coming Tsunami: Why Christians Are Labeled Intolerant, Irrelevant, Oppressive, and Dangerous―and How We Can Turn the Tide today.

What are the earthquakes that have changed so much in our American religious landscape?

As one reviewer kindly wrote:

Dr. Jim Denison has provided a sobering, important analysis of our times. The Christian worldview has moved from acceptance to toleration to rejection in our lifetime. The book provides examples of how the ground has shifted beneath our feet in an increasingly secular, hostile America. Yet Dr. Denison reminds the reader that God redeems all that He allows. There are biblical steps we can take to bear faithful witness to the love and truth of God in our circle of influence. Every believer needs to carefully, prayerfully read this timely book.

What are the earthquakes that have changed so much in our American religious landscape?

Again, as I write in the book:

As multiple earthquakes hundreds of miles away from any shore can result in a singular, sweeping tsunami that plunges a country’s coastline into chaos, so too can long-past cultural upheavals threaten to drown Christianity. Though dozens of such quakes have occurred in the past, this book focuses on four in particular:

1. The rise of a “post-truth” culture

2. The rise of the sexual revolution

3. The rise of Critical Race Theory

4. The rise of secular religion

While each “quake” rightly deserves its own long-form treatment, I see the confluence of these events as the gravest threat that evangelical Christianity has ever faced in my lifetime. Taken together, the cultural acceptance of these four ideologies has seismically shifted our world. And I do not believe that their repercussions have yet to be fully experienced.

However, our calling as Christians is not to flee, even from imminent danger. Rather, we were given a mandate two thousand years ago to do just the opposite.

The Coming Tsunami is my most pivotal book to date, and I encourage you to request your copy today in order to prepare yourself for a near future where Christianity may be marginalized.

The tsunami is still headed for our shores.

How will you respond?

God bless,

—Jim Denison, PhD

CEO, Denison Ministries

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