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If you agree, please prayerfully consider donating to Denison Forum on December 1, 2020, for #GivingTuesday.

In fact, your donation will be DOUBLED by a generous matching grant of $25,000.

When you give $5, you’re giving $10. When you give $100, you’re giving $200. By donating for #GivingTuesday, you maximize your impact for the kingdom.

And you ensure that Denison Forum can continue to create meaningful, biblical, nonpartisan content, such as The Daily Article newsletter and its podcast, as well as numerous books and videos that are affecting life change. For example, one reader wrote:

"This is the best article I've read that was meant especially for Christians, and the advice is straight out of the Bible, non-political, and right on target. . . . Many other articles that I've read left me feeling frustrated, confused, and sometimes in tears, still not knowing what to think or do, but this has filled me with hope. Thank you so much!" —Rebekka

We’re grateful for our readers, viewers, and listeners. In fact, Denison Forum’s content reaches more than 2 million people per month:

  • 769,000 watch our videos
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However, such growth (augmented by the fact that we’re a digital ministry in the time of COVID-19) results in greater financial needs to spiritually feed such a large audience.

As a 100-percent donor-funded nonprofit, we rely on believers’ generosity to continue our calling to change the culture for God’s glory. And year-end gifts are essential for nonprofits like ours.

On this #GivingTuesday, consider joining us in reaching more people with the biblical truth our world desperately needs today. 

Plus, when you give to the Denison Forum on or before #GivingTuesday, your donation will be matched, up to a total of $25,000!

What you give ensures that Denison Forum is well-prepared for the challenges of 2021, and to keep inspiring and encouraging believers across the globe with the hope of the gospel.

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