Help others through suffering and pain.

Help others through suffering and pain.

How could a good God allow a world like this?

The most frequent objection to the Christian faith is the problem of pain and suffering. If God is all-powerful and all-loving, why do catastrophes, diseases, and evil events still happen?

The problem of suffering and faith is so perennial and pervasive that thousands of books have addressed it over the centuries. But this book is different.

Making Sense of Suffering will help you help others in pain.

It is not intended to equip you to become a professional Christian counselor but to help you respond to suffering from a biblical and practical perspective.

Within these pages, you will: 

  • Learn seven biblical, practical ways to help hurting people.

  • Be able to answer “Why does God allow evil and suffering?” through a fourfold approach to theodicy.

  • Lead others in their understanding of the problem of pain through discussion questions for each chapter.

Denison Ministries exists to build a movement of culture-changing Christians, believers who are using their influence to advance God's kingdom and help people follow his Son. To truly influence others, there may be no more pressing issue for Christians to be prepared to address than this one. 

It is our sincere hope that these chapters of Making Sense of Suffering help you help the hurting people you know in the name and power of Christ:

  1. God redeems all he allows

  2. When it’s not your fault

  3. Hard places make holy people

  4. The glory to be revealed

  5. “I am with you always”

  6. Meeting Samaritans where they are

  7. Practical ways to help hurting people

  8. A lifestyle of helping hurting people

If someone you know is suffering today, let this book help you be a light in their darkness.

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