Learn how to get a truly #blessed life!

Learn how to get a truly #blessed life!

When Jesus said, “Blessed are . . . ” in the Beatitudes, what did he mean? And do his promises still hold true today?

In Blessed: Eight Ways Christians Change Culture, Dr. Jim Denison challenges Christians to respond to Jesus’ most well-known sermon.

In this book you will learn what it means to be #blessed according to the Beattitudes including how to:

  • Depend on the Spirit,
  • Redeem suffering,
  • Submit to the Lord,
  • Value integrity,
  • Choose to pardon,
  • Love God and people,
  • Seek peace,
  • And, serve Christ with courage.

As you explore these eight timeless principles, may they come to define your character and empower your influence! 

Note: Shipping for Blessed will take 2-3 weeks.


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