Find the significance you were born for!

Find the significance you were born for!

If you look around our world today, you’ll see scores of people searching. Searching for peace. Searching for happiness. Searching for security.

Yet what every human alive… what every human was born for… was for significance.

As believers, that means living a life of purpose and fulfillment, having a sense of well-being that transcends circumstances—and being a force for the kingdom in our culture. 

That’s why Dr. Denison wrote his book, Blessed: Eight Ways Christians Change Culture, and why we’ve recently re-released it with the inclusion of the bonus Blessed Small Group Study Guide.

We’ll send you this special resource to thank you for your donation today, so thank you for giving. Your investment will help more Christians discern the news differently. 

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As a mostly digital ministry, we are strategically poised to accomplish that calling.

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