When you have questions, where do you turn?

When you have questions, where do you turn?

NOTE: You may request only Vol. 5 below, but please know that all five volumes of Biblical Insight to Tough Questions are now available as a set with your donation of $100 or more by clicking here.


Asking questions does not indicate you are doubting or “testing” God. 

In fact, Romans 12:2 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. 

It is a continual process that does not end until we have asked the tough questions, heard the answers, and believed God’s word, allowing us to fully embrace God’s perfect will.

In my newest book, Biblical Insight to Tough Questions, Vol. 5, I invite you to explore ten difficult questions surrounding our faith, using God’s own words:

  1. How can I know if God is speaking to me?
  2. What is heaven like?
  3. What is the Trinity?
  4. How do we know Jesus Christ existed?
  5. Can you be a Christian apart from the church?
  6. Are the Jews still God’s chosen people?
  7. What should be the role of women in the church?
  8. What is tithing? Is it still required today?
  9. Who decided what books should be in the Bible?
  10. What is baptism? Why do churches view it differently?

Please join me in navigating these issues through the lens of God’s wisdom. 

My friends, this is the word of the Lord: “For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened” (Matthew 7:8).

God invites our questions because he has the answers we need.

Please request your copy of Biblical Insight to Tough Questions, Vol. 5 today.

I realize that many people may be currently experiencing a tough time financially. If you’re unable to support Denison Forum to receive a physical copy of Biblical Insights to Tough Questions, Vol. 5, we would still like to provide a digital copy of the complete e-book. 

Click here to download a digital version of Vol. 5 for free right now. 

May you be blessed by this latest volume,

—Dr. Jim Denison


P.S. We print a limited quantity of books based on a number of factors. As our Biblical Insight series has proven to be routinely popular, we urge you to request your copy today to ensure that you’ll receive the book. 

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